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【JENESYS 2023 “ASEAN-Japan Sports (Rugby) × SDGs Exchange】 Tag Rugby Program Day 2 Activity Report

From 20 to 22 February, the “JENESYS Japan-ASEAN Sports (Rugby) x SDGs Exchange“, an exchange program by the Japanese government to promote understanding between Japan and ASEAN took place.

On the second day, activities were held indoors due to the weather. In the morning and afternoon, perticipants played tag rugby, and in the evening, they had a chance to try painting Hakata ningyo dolls, a traditional art of Fukuoka.

In the tag rugby session, perticipants continued to learn about the game in a more practical way through 4-on-2 and 4-on-4 games, including how to use space and pass the ball.


After that, we had a Hakata ningyo doll painting. Participants enjoyed the experience while learning about the history of Hakata dolls from Hiromine Nakamura from Nakamura Ningyo.

 Participants’ Voices
Rizki (Indonesia) *Right on the photo

I play and coach rugby at my university.

“Leaning from the JENESYS Japan-ASEAN Sports (Rugby) x SDGs Exchange Program”
It was the first time for me to play tag rugby and it was fun. It was great we could contribute to one thing together – being a team with friends from different Asian countries through playing tag rugby.
I think tag rugby is good for children to play. In Indonesia, we only have touch rugby and contact rugby, but learning tag rugby this time made me think that it is a great tool for people who have never played rugby before to learn.
What I would like to bring back home and share with people in Indonesia is about the environment and facilities for playing the sport in Japan.
I also want to create more opportunities for people to play tag rugby in my country.


I am a university student, playing rugby and I played in the national game as well.

“Leaning from the JENESYS Japan-ASEAN Sports (Rugby) x SDGs Exchange Program”
What I learned from the JENESYS Japan-ASEAN Sports (Rugby) x SDGs Exchange Program
It was my first time to play tag rugby, but it was a lot of fun.
I would like to share my experience with many people when I return to Malaysia. Malaysia has touch rugby, so first of all, I would like to tell the people around me who play touch rugby about tag rugby and hope to spread the game.
In the future, I hope we can have tournaments so that more people can enjoy playing Rugby.

While many of the participants were experiencing tag rugby for the first time, they enjoyed playing tag rugby and deepened their friendships with other participants.