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Japan Rugby Football Union (hereinafter referred to as “JRFU”) has set up an Integrity Email Hotline to facilitate reporting on any acts against integrity of rugby. You will be able to receive direct communication with our external lawyer(s) through the Hotline. If the external lawyer judges as it is required, JRFU will examine the case pursuant to your request, and take necessary measures when an act of violence or any other act against integrity of rugby is found.

Hotline office

Japan Rugby Football Union Office

How to report

by E-mail

For the cases out of the scope of our Hotline, we may inform you of other contacts in JRFU or other organizations.

Scope of Hotline

The following cases are dealt with by our Hotline;

(1) By whom the reported case was conducted?

By any person who is set out in the Article 2 of JRFU Code of Ethics and Regulations for Penalties as follows:

2. Scope of Application
2.1 In this regulation, “party associated with Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU)” shall mean the following persons;
(1) Officers
a) Council members, Board Directors and Auditor of JRFU;
b) Officers of the affiliated regional unions as set out in the regulation related to affiliated unions.
(2) Staff
a) Staffs of JRFU;
b) Staff of affiliated regional unions.
(3) Registrants
a) Players and managements registered to JRFU in accordance with the regulation related to team registration (managements shall include but not limited to representatives, head coach and coaches, players, managers, safety assistants, physios and team doctors);
b) Players and managements of the teams that are accepted to participate in a designated tournament or match held by JRFU and/or affiliated a regional union without being registered to JRFU, as per the special regulations approved by JRFU;
c) Match officials registered to JRFU, a regional union or a prefectural union;
d) Registered coaches in accordance with the regulation related to rugby coach;
e) Committee members of JRFU;
f) Committee members of affiliated regional unions;
g) Any other persons involved in JRFU and/or affiliated regional unions’ projects or activities.
2.2 In this regulation, “registered team” shall mean the team that is registered to JRFU in accordance with the regulation related to team registration.

(2) What cases can be reported?

Any acts which are set out in the Article 3 of JRFU Code of Ethics and Regulations for Penalties as follows:

3. Compliance Rules
3.1 All parties associated with JRFU shall, as sportsman and participants in sports, always consider integrity and honor important, serve as a model of others by their behaviors in a spirit of fair play and endeavor to develop and promote rugby in a healthy manner.
3.2 All parties associated with JRFU shall be prohibited from the following acts;
(1) Any violation of laws and regulations;
(2) Any violation of the regulations and decisions set or made by JRFU, an affiliated regional union, a prefectural union or an association that JRFU is affiliated;
(3) Acts of violence, verbal abuse, discriminatory behavior, intimidation or coercion, sexual harassment, power harassment, neglect, unreasonable coaching (including but not limited to extra training as hazing, punishment or any others exceeding the scope necessary for coaching), obstructing smooth operation of the game or appropriate use of facilities, and any other improper behaviors during or in connection with a tournament, match, project or activity held or co-held by JRFU, an affiliated regional union and a prefectural union, or the registered teams’ activity;
(4) Acts that discredit or defame JRFU, regional unions, prefectural unions, other association that JRFU is affiliated and all parties involved in rugby football;
(5) Offering, applying for, demanding and/or promising any illegal advantages in connection with a tournament or match;
(6) In any form or by any means of directly or indirectly engaging in a misconduct which may affect the results of the game;
(7) Engaging in illegal receipt of grant, tax evasion or any other improper or fraudulent accounting;
(8) Dealing with, providing funding to or engaging in by affording facilities with anti-social forces (groups engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns, crime groups specialized in intellectual crimes and those including but not limited to gangs, gang members, former gang members who have not been out of the organization for more than five years, affiliated members of a gang, gang-related corporations, corporate extortionists and others that are similar to the foregoing , or, having a socially censurable relationship with such anti-social forces;
(9) Any other direct or indirect misbehavior in rugby football that lacks a sense of integrity;
(10) Aiding and abetting the performance of the acts specified in the above items by a third party and neglecting or taking no appropriate responses to the said acts performed by a third party , despite having the authority to rectify such acts.
3.3 The registered teams shall be responsible and ensure that the acts specified in the above items are not performed by any of their players and managements.
3.4 Notwithstanding the above 3.2, the Anti-Doping Codes shall apply to any matters related to anti-doping.
3.5 Notwithstanding the above 3.2, JRFU may set a separate compliance provision and determine penalties in accordance with such provisions for a tournament or match, only if it acquires the Disciplinary Committee’s prior approval.

Contact our Hotline

(1) How to contact

Please send an e-mail to the e-mail address below indicating the following details on your reporting:

(2) Details to indicate in your email

1. Your personal information:
(1) Full name;
(2) Gender;
(3) Age;
(4) The relationship between the person and the victim(s) (if the person contacting him/herself is the victim, please indicate so.);
(5) Phone number; and
(6) Email address.

2. Victim(s)’ personal information:
(1) Full name;
(2) Organization/club to which the victim(s) belong(s); and
(3) Whether you have the consent from the victim to report the case or not.

3. Person who conducted the reported act:
(1) Name of the person who conducted an act set out in the Code of Ethics Article 3.2;
(2) Organization/club to which the person belongs; and
(3) Classification of the person (any of the following: JRFU executives, committee members (hereinafter referred to as "executives") or staffs / registered players / registered match officials / registered coaches / a person who is involved in the operation of the events hosted by JRFU / a person who belongs to JRFU and/or its regional or prefectural unions. / Unknown).

4. Brief summary of the case

5. Consent for the confirmation of personal information
If you agree to provide your personal information to the JRFU to the extent necessary for the confirmation of your registered information at the union, please answer "Yes."

6. Others:
(1) Any other requests (if any); and
(2) If you have already reported your case to other third-party organization, please indicate the name of such organization (as applicable).
(3) Upon receipt of your email

We will first examine whether the content of your reporting is within the scope our Hotline. If the case you reported is considered out of the scope, our lawyer will contact and notify you that it is out of scope by phone or email. If the case is considered highly likely within the scope, our lawyer will contact you by phone or email to confirm the further information as well as the request of you and the victim(s).


To obtain accurate understanding of your reporting, your email shall contain all information listed above when you send it to the Hotline.
The lawyers in charge of the Hotline shall be subject to confidentiality obligations in accordance with the laws and regulations in Japan and will keep the confidentiality of the reported information.